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Advantages on subscribing to The Bridge Connections

By subscribing you always are updated about the available jobs on USA.

Our team is always searching for new companies to get jobs for people that is subscribed.

For the professionals that are subscribed we give support and contact with lwayers especialized on immigrations.

You and your company will have the opportunity to find more professionals effectively.

Unique methodology to support professionals and subscribed companies.

The Bridge Connections comes to the market to present a unique and effective methodology to help professionals connect with companies that are looking for employees and that are able to hire foreign professionals.

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About The Bridge Connections

The Bridge Connections was born to materialize the dream of a professional who is part of the American Veterinary Medicine market and works on social media to help other professionals who have the same dream of entering the American market. After several years of helping professionals, we found a way to help not only theoretically, but in an active and real way.


01. How can I subscribe and be sure that I will be inserted into the American market?

Through the constant and tireless work of our team searching for available vacancies, we were able to guarantee professionals registered with the agency that we will present their CVs and offer the professionals to partner companies.

02. How long will it take before I can move to the USA?

This time is only defined after a first consultation where the professional will show his qualifications and the agency will check the availability of vacancies where he can fit and after a careful analysis of the case by partner immigration lawyers.

03. What type of visa can give me a Green Card?
There are some types of visa that can give a Green Card to foreign professionals, we can only define what best fits your case after an initial consultation, CV analysis and candidate preferences.
04. Is there a risk of my process being denied?

Our agency carries out a careful and serious analysis of the companies and professionals involved. The documents presented by companies are analyzed by partner immigration lawyers who will check if everything is up to date and if the company is ready to receive professionals. Only after a positive response at the end of this analysis from both sides we will start the process, this guarantees a greater chance of approval of the process and the realization of your dream!

05. How can I get in touch for an initial consultation?

You can get in touch through our social networks and our telephone numbers (Brazil and the United States).

Contact our team for more information!​

Endereço: 5716 CORSA AVE SUITE 110, WESTLAKE VILLAGE, CA 91362-3547

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